Q: I don’t see my team listed as an option for a House Divided plate. Can I still get it made with my team of choice?

A: We like to make you happy, we promise. Unfortunately, while we do carry many major NCAA teams, you may run into not finding the one you want. The teams that are shown are the only teams we can offer you. If you don’t see your team, it’s usually because we don’t have licensing rights and we try not to break any laws around here. Sorry! If you have any other questions about our House Divided plates, we dedicated an entire blog to answering them: House Divided Custom Plates and Frames

Q: I purchased something with my credit/debit card. Can I get cash back when trying to return it?

A: Refunds must go back onto the original form of payment. If you paid with cash, you’d get cash back. If you paid with a card, it’d have to go back on the card. Sorry to be so mean about it, sometimes tough love hurts.

Q: I’m trying to add multiple of the same item to my cart online, but it won’t let me add as many as I need. Why?

A: So you know how we’re a small, family-owned business and that’s what allows us to be so awesome to you during customer service interactions? Well, that same quality also means we can’t keep up with Amazon’s inventory quantity. If you can only add a certain number of things to your cart, it means that’s all we have left in the company to give. If you run into this, shoot us a call or an email and we’ll try to help you track down what you need!

Q: What’s your store’s hold policy?

A: We’re happy you found something you like! We can hold items until the end of the next business day so you can walk out, feel “I can’t believe I didn’t buy it” remorse, and come back to grab it. If you don’t come back by the next day, we’ll put the item back out into the store. We don’t want other people missing out! However, there are times where certain hot market items will not be available for hold at all, such as if the Tennessee Titans were going to the Super Bowl. We know you understand.

Q: Can I order online and pick up in store?

A: Yes! If you live near one of our Sport Seasons locations, you can choose free "Pick Up In Store" and we'll contact you once your order is ready for pick up. One nifty new feature is being able to check where the product you want is on the product page itself! If it's not where you want it to be, we're happy to transfer it where you need it.

Q: Are there any limits to how much I can buy?

A: Not usually. However, we do reserve the right to limit quanties, and to refuse certain sales. For example, we do not sell to re-sellers. Sorry to be so mean about it.